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Ethiopian government: Stop interfering in religious matters

Eng. Abdelwuhab Bushra, Mekelle

The Ethiopian constitution states that “The state shall not interfere in religious matters and religion shall not interfere in state affairs” (Article 11 sub-article 3). But the state never stops interfering in religious matters. With respect to the constitution, the regime always abuses it. For example, the state trains a group of people called Ahbash in Beirut, Lebanon, as a new Islamic religion and introduced them by force to the Ethiopian Muslims. The Ahbash group was trained by Israel and UK governments as well as funded by both.

An Act of Extreme Cruelity

The above video clip shows the utmost cruelty and barbaric act Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia are subjected to. It is beyond comprehension. Our compassion and solidarity goes with the victims and those who are made to live in terror.

It is said that Saudi Medias launched a campaign against what they call “a destabilizing effort of Ethiopians”. We don’t have the full information on which this campaign is based and what substantial evidence exists to justify the alert. Nothing however justifies the cruelty directed to Ethiopians. The act is extremely abominable specially if seen from the principles of Islam. The act is a vivid example how those involved in torturing defenseless Ethiopians betrayed Islam and how much they become strange to its fundamental principles: fairness, justice and compassion.

“Hands off our leader” Afar warriors warned Ethiopia’s minority junta

by Getahune Bekele, South Africa

*popular cleric still in Semera ignoring threat of arrest”

[ECADForum] Despite demonstration in tyrannized nation where adhering to Islam is becoming dangerous and hedged with

Afar warriors warned Ethiopia’s minority junta. restrictions under the controversial anti- terrorism law, the peaceful Islamic revolution is expanding and intensifying in Ethiopia much to the Frustration of the ruling TPLF junta.

The use of brute force as it was seen in the southern strategic city of Shashemene on Friday March 15, 2013 during a nationwide strike is not bringing the desired result of silencing the severly oppressed Ethiopians.