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TPLF’s Terror Will Not Deter Genuine Demand For Freedom

[OROMO LIBERATION FRONT, Press Release] – The TPLF – EPRDF government has stayed and continues to stay on the shoulders of Ethiopia peoples at gun point. Extra-judicial killings, mass arrest and torture have been the hall-mark of the TPLF government in Ethiopia.

ኃይለማርያም ከመድረሱ፤ የንፁሃንን ሕይወት መቀንጠሱ!!!

[ግንቦት 7 – Ginbot 7] ኃይለማርያም ደሣለኝ ምስለኔ ነው። ዋናው ባለሥልጣን ገና በውል አልታወቀም። ለሽያጭ ገበያ እንደወጣ ፈረስ ተስፈኛ ገዢዎች ኃይለማርያምን ለሙከራ እየጋለቡት ነው። በእርግጠኝነት የሚታወቀው ኃይለማርያም ደሣለኝ ምስለኔ እንጂ ዋናው ባለሥልጣን አለመሆኑ ብቻ ነው። እሱም ይህን ተቀብሎታል። የኃይለማርያም አዲስ ጌታ ነጥሮ ባለመውጣቱ ከቀድሞ ጌታው የተረከባቸውን ሹማምንት ይዞ ይቀጥል ወይም ጥቂት ለውጦችን ያድርግ ለጊዜው በውል የሚታወቅ ነገር የለም። ምን ያህል ሥልጣን በእጁ እንዳለም እንኳንስ ሌላው ሰው እሱም አያውቀውም። የመኖሪያ ቤትም ስላልተለቀቀለት ገና ወደ ቤተመንግሥት አልገባም።

Ethiopia: Prominent Muslims Detained in Crackdown

Security Forces Arrest Hundreds of Peaceful Protesters; Detainees at Risk

(Nairobi) – The Ethiopian government should immediately release 17 prominent Muslim leaders arrested as part of a brutal crackdown on peaceful Muslim protesters in Addis Ababa, Human Rights Watch said today. A court is expected to rule during the week of August 13, 2012, on whether to bring charges against the detainees who have been held for almost three weeks in a notorious prison without access to lawyers.