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A Case that Proves the Criminality of EPRDF

Twenty nine Ethiopian Muslims elected leaders, activists and religious scholars are charged under the notorious anti-terrorism law and sent to Kaliti Prison. Below is the text of the charge. As we go through the text, we can only say that EPRDF is proving on one hand  their innocence while it on the other hand tells us that EPRDF as a party is nothing but a criminal group that is determined to eliminate peace-loving Ethiopians, in this particular instance case Ethiopian Muslims. This is because what ever these distinguished leaders did and said is recorded and made available in real-time to the Ethiopian population and the bigger international community. They refuted all insinuations about any hidden agenda in the Ethiopian Muslims movement and as leaders put themselves at the front line to take responsibility both in words and deeds. Yet the Mafia group that don’t have the least shame came to the open with its white lies. 


2 November 2012
AI Index: AFR 25/016/2012

Ethiopia: Government continues to target peaceful Muslim protest movement
The Ethiopian authorities are committing human rights violations in response to the ongoing Muslim protest movement in the country. Large numbers of protestors have been arrested, many of whom remain in detention. There are also numerous reports of police using excessive force against peaceful demonstrators. Key figures within the movement have been charged with terrorism offences. Most of those arrested and charged appear to have been targeted solely because of their participation in a peaceful protest movement.