Daily Archives: 20 February, 2013

How to Tackle the TPLF’s Theory of the Ethiopian Jihadists

By Teklemichael Abebe

The Trial and the Documentary

The documentary “Jihadawi Harekat, sponsored by the state-owned television and security forces in Ethiopia that I watched on youtube a week ago is indicative of the terrible political situation in Ethiopia. Basically, the documentary aims to convince the viewer that the “terrorism” witnessed in Afghanistan, Mali and Nigeria is coming to our own backyard through the Muslim activists who are presently on trial.

In one of the unedited parts of the documentary, a frightened, harmless-looking young man sits in a chair before his torturers/interrogators. He speaks with a soft low voice. When his voice betrays him, he gestures with his head. Whenever his interrogators raise their voices, change their tone or argue with him, he just nods in agreement as if to free himself from their torture or as if to rid himself of his tormentors. The young man looks exhausted and desperate. Comparing the last picture taken of him before his arrest to the picture in the documentary shows the suffering he has undergone over the last six months since his detention in late July, 2012.