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Egypt, Ethiopia Headed For War Over Water

In the coming years, Egypt and Ethiopia may be forced to fight a “water war” because Ethiopia’s ambitions contradict Egypt’s historical and legal rights in the Nile waters. Ethiopia can only be deterred by the regional and international balance of powers, which in recent years has favored Ethiopia.

For any Egyptian government, Egypt’s water share and securing the Nile’s headwaters are the top national security priorities, irrespective of the Egyptian government’s ideology or domestic policies. This fact is dictated by geography. For thousands of years, Egyptian rulers have been aware how important water is for Egypt. Water is the lifeline of Egypt (97.5% of Egypt is barren desert). Egyptian rulers have always used any means to defend their country’s historic rights to the Nile waters. As Greek historian Herodotus said, “Egypt is the gift of the Nile.” Egyptian civilization, which is one of history’s greatest civilizations, depends on the Nile. To illustrate the Nile’s importance, we should remember that Egypt is the largest desert oasis in the world. Life in Egypt is concentrated on the river banks where 90 million people live. In short, any Egyptian government should have one eye on the Horn of Africa — on Ethiopia, where the source of the Nile lies — and another eye on the Sinai Peninsula and the Levant, and the balance of power there. History has shown that most of Egypt’s invaders entered through that door.

Ethiopia: The vulture regime’s deception and our ignorance of the truth took a toll on our people

The truth is Woyane is illegitimate regime of Ethiopia, illegal representative of the people of Tigray and chronically corrupt entity. Let the truth set it free than the constant deception it perpetuate to stay alive. Those that choose to take the deception as truth are digging their own grave. If anyone has any doubts to that reality they must be part of the hoax, delusional or victims of the elaborate deception. That is the honest truth.

by Teshome Debalke

Ethiopia: The vulture regime’s deception and our ignorance [ECADFORUM] Every living and breathing Ethiopian or in new politically correct language of Woyane, Nation and Nationalities of Ethiopia should be ashamed of ourselves for not seeking the truth but noting but the truth about our people and country to stop vultures’ instigated conflicts and corruption. Our ignorance about ourselves, each other and what is happening around us open the door for vultures like Woyane, the one time self declared non Ethiopian insurgency to tell us who we are in the 21st century. To make matter worst, Berket Simon, an Eritrean national that was planted to represent the Amhara region is in charge of telling us about ourselves.  Sadly, lots of us are going along with it; thanks for the vulture’s propaganda and our inability to get to the truth. The co-opted ‘journalists’ that make a living spinning the lies are not helping us to get to the truth either.

The Pain of the Ogaden Somali People


“Every night, they took all of us girls to [interrogations]. They would separate us and beat us. The second time they took me, they raped me… All three of the men raped me, consecutively”.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) report in Collective Punishment, along with 15 other female students, this innocent 17 year-old Ogaden girl, was held captive for three months in a “dark hole in the ground” and raped 13 times. This is just one of countless accounts of abuse, from within the Ogaden region of Ethiopia, where it is widely reported criminal acts like these are perpetrated by the Ethiopian military and paramilitary forces on a daily basis. Untold atrocities like this; past and present are awaiting investigation, amid what is a much-ignored, little known conflict in the Horn of Africa.