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“Hands off our leader” Afar warriors warned Ethiopia’s minority junta

by Getahune Bekele, South Africa

*popular cleric still in Semera ignoring threat of arrest”

[ECADForum] Despite demonstration in tyrannized nation where adhering to Islam is becoming dangerous and hedged with

Afar warriors warned Ethiopia’s minority junta. restrictions under the controversial anti- terrorism law, the peaceful Islamic revolution is expanding and intensifying in Ethiopia much to the Frustration of the ruling TPLF junta.

The use of brute force as it was seen in the southern strategic city of Shashemene on Friday March 15, 2013 during a nationwide strike is not bringing the desired result of silencing the severly oppressed Ethiopians.

Ethiopia: Justice or Death vs. Power up to Death


[http://ecadforum.com] “Wherever law ends, tyranny begins; …” Political philosopher, John Lock more three centuries years ago argues in hisEthiopia charges 29 Muslims under anti-terror law book, The Second Treatise of Government. It is puzzling to find ourselves (after three centuries) in a situation even much worse than what Lock expressed it. I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that it is arguably difficult to comprehend why and how peoples of countries of glorious history of independence or national pride like ours find themselves in this kind of political and socio-economic nightmare in this 21st century.

Ethiopia: Journalism under anti-terrorism law

How the US ‘war on terror’ has provided cover for laws that are being used to silence dissident journalists.

Ethiopia: Journalist under anti-terrorism lawWhen the Paris-based media watchdog group, Reporters Without Borders released its annual Press Freedom Index, few were surprised that Ethiopia had dropped 11 places to 137.

Journalists in the country have never truly been free to report however developments in the region over the last few years have had a detrimental effect on the media environment.