Daily Archives: 18 March, 2013

Do not Encourage Ethiopia-phobia

By Mahmoud Ahmad

[http://www.saudigazette.com.sa] The recent phenomenon of Ethiopia bashing in our country’s media is turning a wee bit malicious. I was surprised at the recent media campaign against Ethiopian nationals, who have been singularly targeted by the media for all the ails afflicting the country.

According to many media reports the Ethiopian nationals are the main source of all problems. They are the ones breaking into homes, manufacturing and distributing liquor, selling weapons, involved in assault and rape cases and many other things that cause discomfort to citizens and residents alike.

Ethiopian Muslims Protest – A Rise of Sociopolitical Consciousness

By Mubarak Keder

The relationship between the Ethiopian Muslim community and the government has always been on a delicate balance reached by a compromise made by the Muslim community. For the most part, given the authoritarian rule the country is under, the Muslim community tolerated the government’s unconstitutional involvement in their religious affair and institutions. In particular, the Muslim community has, for long time, been unsettled by the government’s heavy-handed involvement in the supposedly independent Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council commonly known as Majlis. Consequently, the Majlis have been as ineffective in executing the tasks entrusted by the community. However, it was not this specific circumstance that gave way for the growing protest in the country that has been going on for more than a year.

Muslim and Christian Ethiopians Joint Rally Condemns Dictatorial Regime in Ethiopia

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Ethiopian Muslims and Christians staged a joint protest rally aimed at exposing the gross violations of constitutional rights, including religious freedom, by the ghost regime of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Law-abiding Muslim leaders languish behind bars after the regime charged them as “terrorists.” Despite the crackdown, Muslim protests are gaining ground, even attracting the support of Orthodox Christians.