“Hands off our leader” Afar warriors warned Ethiopia’s minority junta

by Getahune Bekele, South Africa

*popular cleric still in Semera ignoring threat of arrest”

[ECADForum] Despite demonstration in tyrannized nation where adhering to Islam is becoming dangerous and hedged with

Afar warriors warned Ethiopia’s minority junta. restrictions under the controversial anti- terrorism law, the peaceful Islamic revolution is expanding and intensifying in Ethiopia much to the Frustration of the ruling TPLF junta.

The use of brute force as it was seen in the southern strategic city of Shashemene on Friday March 15, 2013 during a nationwide strike is not bringing the desired result of silencing the severly oppressed Ethiopians.

On Tuesday 12 March 2013,   the year-long struggle for religious freedom reached a millstone when one of Ethiopia’s colorful Muslim tribes, the Afar, officially joined the national movment.

After rumors spread like wild fire that the minority junta of Ethiopia was amassing troops near the key desert town of Semera, the principal center of Islamic learning and propagation, to arrest Afar’s most venerated religious leader, the honorable sheik Mohammed Awal Hayytan, the battle hardened traditional Afar warriors blocked the high way between the port of Djibouti and Ethiopia in peaceful protest on Tuesday afternon 12 March 2013 and again on Wednesday, triggering panic in Addis Ababa and other parts of Ethiopia.

According to eye witnesses, hundreds of stranded heavy tracks were allowed to leave the Afar towns of Mille and Adaitu on Wednesday evening without a shot being fired. But the situation remains tense.

“Sheik Mohammed Awal Hayytan is not a firebrand cleric with extremist views. He is a peaceable, gentle and modest preacher who always calls on all Ethiopians to unite. Ethiopiawenet had been synonymoys with generation of Afar clerics and sheik Hayytan is no different. Unfortunately talking about Ethiopiawenet is a crime punishable by death under the current brutal ruling junta. That is why they want his head on silver platter.” The wanted Clerics’ aide who described himself as Ali told reporters in Addis Ababa.

Asked about the sort of agreement reached with the ruling minority junta which led to the opening of the high way Ali replied by saying that he will only divulge the detail after Wednesday 20 March 2012 follow up discussion between the TPLF warlords and Afar elders in the town of Semera.

In addition Ali denied rumors that the beloved cleric had already fled to Saudi Arabia via Eritrea and assured all concerned that he is in Semera fulfilling his duties both as leader and religious elder.

“He will never leave his people and his people will never allow TPLF forces to go in and arrest an innocent man at gun point. What is his crime?”