An Act of Extreme Cruelity

The above video clip shows the utmost cruelty and barbaric act Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia are subjected to. It is beyond comprehension. Our compassion and solidarity goes with the victims and those who are made to live in terror.

It is said that Saudi Medias launched a campaign against what they call “a destabilizing effort of Ethiopians”. We don’t have the full information on which this campaign is based and what substantial evidence exists to justify the alert. Nothing however justifies the cruelty directed to Ethiopians. The act is extremely abominable specially if seen from the principles of Islam. The act is a vivid example how those involved in torturing defenseless Ethiopians betrayed Islam and how much they become strange to its fundamental principles: fairness, justice and compassion.

It is true that some Ethiopians are engaged in acts that are acceptable neither legally, religiously nor culturally like prostitution, alcohol, robbery, and even murder. The fact that many of them entered to and/or stayed in the country illegally made them victims of domestic abuses and exploitation. The hardship has led some to engage in such acts as already mentioned. These problems are long known and that Ethiopian Communities in different cities and town of the country have long  been trying to overcome. The question now is what has provoked the recent wave of cruelty?

May be one direction to turn to for possible explanation is to look into the Ethiopian government itself. For so long Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia are considered to be “cows to be milked readily”. It used to rais a considerable amount of money each year to fund its dictatorial regime. However, since its unpopular ahbash project and its crackdown on Muslims who are demanding for the respect of their constitutional rights, Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia refused to be used. Even if most of them need the government for officiating their papers/passports, nothing comes before their religion and they denied the government of its dependable asset. It tried without success to frighten and silence activists in different cities and town. It is possible that this whole drama is designed by its agents so as to revenge and if possible to punish those whom it suspects of being behind the mobilization of Ethiopians there. The criminality of EPRDF knows no borders. The increased engagement of the Ethiopian Embassy/Consulate in Jeddah and Riyadh in the last weeks and its effort to appear as concerned body is an indication for that possibility. Ethiopians remember the several Akildama’s and Harakat. The way this latest situation sparked in Saudi is very much the same to what we are used to back at home. The only difference is that Ethiopians refused to implement the intended objective while the Saudis did.

Again without changing our compass, the other possible explanation is the increased influx of people to Arab countries and thereby the increase in illegal activities. It is known that the EPRDF cadres are involved in human trafficking and since its days in the bush, their organisation finance its struggle with money raised form networks of prostitution activities, drug and alcohol. With the increasing determination of Ethiopians in Saudi to align with their people back at home, the EPRDF has increased its export of “alternative sources of finance” to the kingdom which in turn made the problem that existed for long and some how tolerated to be on the headline.

Yet another possibility, though very much unlikely, is the justification the different media outlets presented: Ethiopians are organized and sent in to destabilize and corrupting the Kingdom. As already said this line of explanation is the least likely. It it is not impossible, nevertheless. The criminal and corrupt regime in Ethiopia sees Saudi Arabia as a source of the problem it is determined overcome by importing religio-political cult called Ahbash. It also sees as a safe heaven for those activists who run away from its terror and suppression. The government has also proven to be readily available to execute the agenda of the neoconservatives who work day and night to corrupt and eliminate Islam and Muslims.

All the above are just to see possible scenarios for why the Saudis raised against Ethiopian immigrants. However, no reason or excuse justifies
the re-pungent and abominable act of cruelty. It is shame and very saddening.

Finally the way Ethiopian Media’s covered this incident [for that matter other incidents that involved Ethiopians in Saudi] deserves our brief comment. Some are using the opportunity to engaged in defaming Islam its believers. They try to present as if Muslim Saudis are torturing Christian Ethiopians. This way of presentation is not only false and baseless, but it very dangerous for our country and its people. In the latest incident as well as those we heard about before, religion and its practice within the country’s legal boundaries rarely used as reasons for one to be targeted. It is thus important that our medias refrain from hurting the short and long term tolerances and mutual co-existence of our people. Similarly Ethiopians, regardless of our religion or race, should stand together in condemning any abuse directed to our people, be it back at home by the criminal EPRDF regime or outside by other countries or groups.